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I have acquired over 30 years experience in music professionally, not only as a composer but as a performer and published author. I am classically trained, but through my career I have acquired an extensive collection of different styles and genres that I can utilise in my music. I have many tutor books and sheet music arrangements for sale all over the world and some of my compositions have even got on to some piano exam syllabuses.

My portfolio is always growing and evolving so pop back now and again to see what is new from the  CueTracks Studio.

Why choose CueTracksHere are a few, fun suggestions how some of my tracks could be used.Hi.I’m Kevin P. Holta composer, author and musician based in the UK.  I specialise in offering quality music and sound effects with apersonal touch.Skeleton ShuffleSilent Movie EscapadesA Rose for a Rose

Check out my new album, Cinematic Earth on all streaming platforms. Click to have a listen on Spotify.


01 The Natural World

02 Natures Palette

03 Dreaming Of Africa

04 Wonderful Planet Earth

05 Kaleidoscope

06 Sanctus

07 Peruvian Journey

08 Waters Edge

09 Raise Your Voices To The Sky

10 Country Garden

11 Distant Earth