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cue Kevin P. Holt, Freelance Media Composer based in the Uk
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I compose in a wide range of styles from epic cinematic to soft and stylish.

Take a look through my portfolio and I am sure you will find something that would complement your current project. If there is nothing suitable this time feel free to come back again soon as I am always adding new tracks to my Royalty Free library.

more If a bespoke composition is not required for your current project, have a look through my extensive collection of royalty free music.  I hope you find something suitable but if not, thanks for your  interest and I hope to see you again soon. CueTracks. Welcome High Performers What people say studio quality personal touch Specialising in Music with a Your Way. Your MUSIC. An inspiring, orchestral piee that has  many uses. Works well with nature and  landscape films and documentaries but  also great with promotions and  advertising. It features full orchestra,  piano, cinematic percussion. Natures Palette Charlie's Little Tricks A fun, playful royalty free cinematic  theme, with a tack piano and old projector  fx, great for black & white footage, kids  ads, animations, or comedy sketches. The News Today A lively, modern royalty free ‘breaking  news’ logo/intro, available in 5 radio and  TV ready edits, ideal for news reports,  openers, announcements, or tech vlogs. Try or buy >> Try or buy >> Try or Buy >> Super Wakio: “Stylish 8bit theme! Awesome  sounds! Masterful composing  and production”.  Relaxing Summer Days: “Great track!”  Skeleton Shuffle: “Steep commercial track”. Some of the companies using my music. The Stock Option #Showreels Studio quality music personal touch with a

Friendly professional service. All the people I have performed or produced music for receive a friendly but professional experience.

Why choose CueTracks

Quality before quantity. Each track is carefully crafted to be the best it can be.

Genre diversity. I am always pushing myself out of my comfort zone, keeping my music fresh and on trend.